People of PÄN

Three mages emerged from the heart of the red sun. The seeing stone which gave the star its fertile life, had finally closed its eye. Radioactivity scorched the plains into arid desert. Converting organic matter to machine, the Master Destroyer finally had his way, all life force was drained. Trudging through the dunes, the mages trekked forward under scattered stars, when the air was cool. Looking onward towards to where the sky meets the sea, they looked within the in between. There lay a mountain, upon which the PÄN Stone Rest in the clutches of the Golem. Thought to contain the powers of creation, many sought to take it for themselves. Reanimate corpse sent as a legion sieged on to claim that what the Master desired. Wielding weapons of epic proportion, the People of PÄN fought forth against all those who opposed the life of the dead star.